about us

Velocity Capital Private Equity

Velocity Capital Private Equity invests exclusively in fintech companies – period. We focus singularly on this sector because it’s such a necessary and vital connector. By leveraging our deep sector expertise and insights, we hand-select pioneering companies in the fintech markets we believe have the most extraordinary potential for growth and industry disruption for the better.


At Velocity, we’re ready to roll up our sleeves and get to work. Our portfolio companies come to us as equal partners – and work alongside us as peers. Because we’re solely immersed in financial technology, you can skip the baroque presentation and all that jargon-translation. We already get it.

We’re open-minded but also exclusive. Velocity doesn’t invest broadly in dozens of companies, hoping for a lone jackpot. Instead we invest deeply and intensively with just a few carefully-chosen players – with the expectation that these companies will succeed and dominate in their particular market.

Our goal is simple: to infuse some of the world’s brightest and most promising fintech players with the funding, expertise, and unique relationships we bring to bear to unlock their maximum potential.


Velocity invests globally but selectively. We’ve chosen top players in several global markets: pioneering online financial services firms in the United States and Asia that are making investing more affordable and accessible to investors of varying skill levels; creators of a mold-breaking European mobile trading app that makes playing the financial markets simple and fun; providers of advanced banking software solutions for the European market; the leading pan-African mobile commerce network; and a Netherlands-based banking software player poised to future-proof the industry, to name just a few.

We partner with companies early in their lifecycles, post-launch with proven results, but when niche dominance still beckons.

Our portfolio of companies represents the global game-changers that are reinventing a range of financial services markets. And while their individual focus areas are diverse, they all share a common trait: the vision and smarts needed to provide wholly new fintech value for consumers and businesses across the globe.

Think your company may be a fit for the Velocity portfolio? Reach out and let’s talk.