About YOCO

Founded in 2013 and originally based in Cape Town, South Africa, Yoco has as it’s core mission the empowerment and growth of entrepreneurs in Africa. We do this by delivering smart technology that is able to accept payments, and use this payments data to offer insights and automation to SMEs. By doing this we help entrepreneurs get started, run and grow their businesses.

Yoco was founded by four friends who always knew they wanted to work together. After many discussions, meetings and ideas, they realised they shared a passion for smart technology and a desire to help small business owners. We went live with the first version of the Yoco app in October 2014. Since then, we’ve been working attentively with small groups of engaged businesses as we refined every aspect of the product and experience. Today, hundreds of businesses are signing up with Yoco every month and we are just getting started.


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Velocity Capital Private Equity

Financial technology. It powers practically every transaction we make, everything we earn, buy, sell, borrow and lend. It connects people, instantly and without friction, to products and to each other. Fintech unites global communities, from urban networks of traders to the smallest of rural businesses. Plugging into financial technology can literally open up whole new worlds of opportunities. It’s a great leveler, an unleasher of human potential, the very stuff of the entrepreneurial spirit in everyone. read more