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Cellulant is Africa’s leading payments ecosystem, connecting merchants, banks and mobile operators with their customers. Cellulant is a technology company that is based in Kenya with operations currently in 10 countries in Africa . Over the last 10 years Cellulant has been able to build a network in these countries, connecting more than 40 million customers across the continent with more than 300 employees working with us.

The company empowers all consumers across Africa to get the best possible value from their money, by delivering the most connected one-stop mobile payments and digital commerce service; based on direct connection to local needs and service solutions in each market

…while powering business success for our customers by empowering consumers to get what they want, when they want it and in the way they want to pay for it.

The journey started with the unlikely meeting of Ken Njoroge and Bolaji Akinboro whose subsequent dinner meeting resulted in doodles of Cellulant’s original business model on a table napkin.

A decade later, the journey of building a successful mobile commerce company for Africa by Africans continues.

Headquarters: Nairobi, Kenya

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