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The Future of Invigorating Banking

Five Degrees is a financial technology provider enabling banks and other financial institutions to serve their customers faster, at lower cost, more transparently, across any device, and with more insight. Five Degrees understands that tomorrow’s winning financial institutions will be masters of the ultimate customer journey and operate cost-efficiently while staying in full control of all processes and risks. Matrix, Five Degrees’ proven core BPM banking solution, offers the instant, manageable and future proof solution banks seek: a fully automated banking services hub supporting any segment, product or channel through a rich mid office environment, connected to any (legacy) back-office of choice. At the heart of Matrix is the idea of “universal banking,” providing solid technology for the core banking needs of a person in whatever role of life, plus wealth management and financial inclusion solutions to reach the un- or underbanked. Since 2011, Five Degrees has been breaking the mold of 40+ years of banking technology with a clean, rapidly-deployable bank architecture built for the banking realities of today and tomorrow.

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